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By leveraging whylogs’ existing integration with Apache Spark, integrating whylogs with Databricks is simple.

Installing whylogs in Databricks#

First, install the spark, whylabs, and viz modules from whylogs on the desired Spark cluster within Databricks:


Databricks Install Library

  • The spark module enables users to profile Spark DataFrames with whylogs.
  • The whylabs module enables users to upload these profiles to the WhyLabs AI Observatory.
  • The viz module allows users to visualize one or more profiles directly in a Databricks notebook.

Profiling Data in Databricks#

First, enable Apache Arrow.

arrow_config_key = "spark.sql.execution.arrow.enabled"
spark.conf.set(arrow_config_key, "true")

Next, read your data into a Spark DataFrame. This syntax will be different depending on how your data is stored.

df ="header", True).csv("dbfs:/FileStore/tables/my_data.csv")

Now, we profile the data and optionally view the result as a Pandas DataFrame.

from whylogs.api.pyspark.experimental import collect_dataset_profile_view
profile_view = collect_dataset_profile_view(df)
profile_view.to_pandas() #optional

From here, users may wish to build visualizations their profile directly in the Databricks notebook as demonstrated in this example notebook.

Uploading Profiles to WhyLabs#

Users can upload this profile to WhyLabs using the following:

import os
os.environ["WHYLABS_DEFAULT_ORG_ID"] = "" #insert org id
os.environ["WHYLABS_API_KEY"] = "" #insert API key
os.environ["WHYLABS_DEFAULT_DATASET_ID"] = "" #insert dataset id
from whylogs.api.writer.whylabs import WhyLabsWriter
writer = WhyLabsWriter()

For more on uploading profiles to WhyLabs, visit the Onboarding to the Platform page.

Notes on Versioning#

The above assumes a whylogs version >= 1.0 and Spark cluster running a Pyspark version >= 3.0.

Users of Pyspark 2.x will need to use whylogs v0 and will need to load a JAR file specific to their Pyspark and Scala version. Please submit a support request for the appropriate JAR file if you are running a Spark cluster using Pyspark v2.x.

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