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What is WhyLabs#

WhyLabs is an AI observability platform that prevents model performance degradation by allowing you to monitor your machine learning models in production. If you deploy an ML model but don’t have visibility into its performance, you risk doing damage to your business because the model stops working and you don’t even know. With WhyLabs, you can prevent this performance degradation by monitoring your model with a platform that’s easy to use, privacy preserving, and cost efficient.

WhyLabs relies on profiles generated by the open source whylogs library to monitor the data being fed to your model as well as the predictions that it emits, allowing you to monitor the performance of the model.

To read more about WhyLabs, check out the WhyLabs Overview

What is whylogs#

whylogs is the open source standard for profiling data. whylogs automatically creates statistical summaries of datasets, called profiles, which imitate the logs produced by other software applications. The library was developed with the goal of bridging the ML logging gap by providing data profiling to capture data-specific logs. whylogs profiles are descriptive, lightweight, and mergeable, making them a natural fit for data logging applications. whylogs can generate logs from datasets stored in Python, Java, or Spark environments.

To read more about WhyLabs, check out the whylogs Overview

How to navigate these docs#

Our documentation contains three types of pages: conceptual explanations, technical specifications, and tutorials.

In this Overview section, you'll find conceptual explanations that give you context about the WhyLabs Platform and the open source whylogs library.

In the Use Cases section, you'll find tutorials that walk you through how to do various things with whylogs and WhyLabs, such as Generating Profiles or Checking Data Quality.

In the Integrations section, you'll find more tutorials that specify how to integrate with various other MLOps tools, such as MLFlow and SageMaker.

In the Platform Features section, you'll primarily find technical sepcifications of the WhyLabs platform, as well as some conceptual explanations of its features.

In the Open Source Features section, you'll primarily find technical specifications of the whylogs library, as well as some conceptual explanations of its features.

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