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Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

Role-based access control allows you to grant different levels of access to different users within an organization. There are three roles:

  • Admin - can view and manage all data, configuration and settings for the organization.
  • Member - can view monitored data, and manage monitoring configuration.
  • Viewer - can view monitored data and monitoring configuration.

A user can have different roles in different organizations.

Role-based access control is available to Enterprise accounts only. If you would like to enable the feature, simply reach out to us via Slack or contact us.



Admins are users with full access to the data, configuration and settings for the organization. They are responsible for:

  • managing user membership and roles
  • onboarding new projects and creating the API access tokens for their integration
  • managing organization-level notification settings


Members are typically users with day-to-day responsibility for monitoring projects. They are able to create and edit monitors and use all of the visualization capabilities of the platform.

Members cannot create projects or API access tokens. To onboard a new project, a Member will need to work with an Admin.


Viewers can use all of the visualization capabilities of the platform, but they cannot setup monitors or change any settings for the organization.

Role/Permission Mapping

Access tokensNo accessNo accessFull access
ProjectsRead-onlyRead-onlyFull access
Notification settingsNo accessNo accessFull access
Users and rolesRead-onlyRead-onlyFull access
MonitorsRead-onlyFull accessFull access
ProfilesRead-onlyRead-onlyFull access


  • Access tokens are not visible in the UI except on first creation, to allow them to be copied and used.
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