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LangKit API

LangKit is an open-source text metrics toolkit for monitoring language models. It offers an array of methods for extracting relevant signals from the input and/or output text, which are compatible with the open-source data logging library whylogs.


The currently supported metrics include:

  • Text Quality
    • readability score
    • complexity and grade scores
  • Text Relevance
    • Similarity scores between prompt/responses
    • Similarity scores against user-defined themes
  • Security and Privacy
    • patterns - count of strings matching a user-defined regex pattern group
    • jailbreaks - similarity scores with respect to known jailbreak attempts
    • prompt injection - similarity scores with respect to known prompt injection attacks
    • refusals - similarity scores with respect to known LLM refusal of service responses
  • Sentiment and Toxicity
    • sentiment analysis
    • toxicity analysis

LangKit Modules List


Examples are available on GitHub.

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