Platform Capabilities

In addition to the core data profiling and monitoring solutions, WhyLabs provides a number of usability and security features that can help teams of all sizes get the most out of WhyLabs.

Alerts and Notifications#

WhyLabs Platform allows receiving regular updates about the state of your data via one of the supported messaging integrations (e.g. Slack, email, etc). These notifications include a summary of the data quality anomalies, and allow you to keep tabs on your data health metrics without having to manually check in on them in the Platform.

WhyLabs Notifications

User Management and Access Control#

You define who gets access to your data. By adding and removing users within your team or organization, you have full control over which users can see your data health metrics.

User Management

Model Management#

Whether you have one dataset in need of monitoring or a few hundred, WhyLabs makes it easy to add and begin monitoring new models with just a few clicks.

Model Management

Access Token Management#

Access to the WhyLabs API is controlled via Access Tokens. Uploading data and interacting with our platform via direct API calls requires a valid token. These tokens are managed by each organization's administrator.

API Key Management

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