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Integrations Overview


Integrations: AI Observatory is the Glue of the MLOps Ecosystem#

AI Observatory is built on the idea that the strength of a monitoring tool is in its ability to bring together information from many sources and to send actionable insights to many workflows. With this idea, there are many types of integrations that are supported:

  • Data pipeline integrations: integrations with various data and ml pipelines such as Spark, Ray, Kafka, etc.
  • Model framework integrations: integrations with frameworks such as scikit-learn, tensorflow, PyTorch, etc.
  • Model lifecycle integrations: integrations with model lifecycle tools such as MLflow, Metaflow, Flyte, etc.
  • Notification workflow integrations: integrations with common team workflows, such as Slack, PagerDuty, etc.
  • Pipeline trigger integrations: integrations with model deployment infrastructure to enable retraining triggers

Data Pipeline Integrations:#

SparkCapture profiles in an Apache Spark environment
PandasLog and monitor any pandas dataframe
KafkaLog and monitor Kafka topics

Model Lifecycle Integrations#

MLflowEnhance MLflow metrics with WhyLabs
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